Welcome to Bond Longhorns

Welcome to Bond Longhorns! Established in 2017, we started our dream together as a family, the backbone of our foundation. Grandmother Kiminek played such a vital role in our farm, and today, we carry on her family legacy breeding, raising, and showing Registered Texas Longhorns.

Our farm is located in the scenic Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, allowing us the ability to keep our family involved, as we are lifelong residents of this beautiful state, and sticking to our roots was of the upmost importance to us. We started our family business with the goal of raising antibiotic, hormone free, grass fed beef, safe and healthy for human consumption, providing a healthier choice for our community. We also pride ourselves on breeding quality Longhorns to enhance the breed standards, as well as having our children, grandchildren, extended family and friends involved in the NETLA Show circuit, educating everyone about this incredible breed. Our cattle are all hand raised, our babies are worked in halters, and every single one of them loves taking treats from visitors of the farm. Raising lettuce just isn't quite the same level of excitement as raising a Texas Longhorn! We started with just one cow, affectionately known as Queen Leia, and have since grown to a herd of 21 Longhorns.

Friends of ours helped us with our girl Leia when we were just starting out, and now, we get the honor of sharing what we have loved and learned through the years, providing not only our friends and family, but our community, with a sustainable food choice, education, and experiences of life on the family farm. We are one of the very few Longhorn farms in our area, close to Interstate 80, Route 33 and 209, so if you are looking for a family friendly outing, and would like to meet our herd, please contact us, our family would love to show you around!